Migration By Kloudgen: What? Why? How?


Migration by Kloudgen™ is our service for legacy modernization to the Snowflake data platform. 

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As a Snowflake Service Partner Select, we not only have deep expertise in Snowflake cloud data platform but also in legacy data systems such as Teradata, Exadata, Netezza and Hadoop. Our Migration by Kloudgen™ service leverages our proven 3-phase migration approach that combines clearly defined phases, work streams, tasks and sub-tasks with auto-generation of the migration project plan! In addition, our Migration by Kloudgen™ service leverages cloud migration best practices, code conversion accelerators and a mixture of delivery models.


With Migration by Kloudgen™, we deliver Snowflake migration projects to our clients with CRAFT*:

  • 1 Cost Effectiveness: Leverage automation tools, a co-development model with a hybrid team from the client and Kloudgen and existing investments in people, processes and tools
  • 2 Risk Management: Plan a phased migration and comprehensive validation of migrated workloads, and ensure business continuity without functional or operational disruptions within the enterprise
  • 3 Alignment with the business goals: Understand the business requirements that drove the initial implementation, and ascertain key information regarding customer business needs and priorities
  • 4 Faster Time to Value: Assess existing legacy system to decide the migration scale, and provide capabilities in the shortest reasonable time frame with less effort and a clear path for steady improvement
  • 5 Three-Phase migration approach: Benefit from the pre-migration, migration and post-migration phases with clearly defined work streams, tasks, sub-tasks and deliverables in each phase


If you'd like to learn how Migration by Kloudgen™ can help your organization migrate from your legacy data system to Snowflake data platform in a cost-effective, risk-free and faster way, please 

Kloudgen INC
Kloudgen INC
Kloudgen INC