Nadilytics is the only intelligence platform purposely built on top of Snowflake metadata to help you confidently use and effectively get the most out of your snowflake account. 

A “Pulse” monitoring the health of your Snowflake provides 360 degree view of your Snowflake Data Cloud with 200+ deep actionable insights.

Nadilytics™ provides data analytics about Snowflake data platform accounts, such as cost, inspection, activity, performance and security. It also provides advanced capabilities such as alerts for just-in-time insights and predictive analytics to help customers effectively use and benefit from their Snowflake data platform. Nadilytics™ offered to you as a SMART way, is an easy to use, cost-effective and robust enterprise software as a service.  


  • 1 Secure way to evaluate your costs: Unlike the built-in dashboards that are very basic and available to the account administrator only, Nadilytics™ is available to all stakeholders in collaborative way and reveals key cost insights, including your monthly, quarterly or annual spending and future forecast in a secure fashion in a easy to understand that includes Visualization, step-by-step Diagnosis Analysis, related Documentation, Best Practices and Recommendations.
  • 2 Monitor usage, performance and security: Some BI tools rely on sample Snowflake monitoring dashboards, which are either confined to cost or lack the exhaustiveness of Nadilytics™. With Nadilytics™, you can also detect any user who is running a rogue (and expensive!) query, discover tables and queries that would benefit from performance tuning, and predict your cost to plan accordingly.
  • 3 Adapt to your dynamic environment: Your environment changes over time with new projects built on your Snowflake account, new team members, and a new company you might have acquired. Nadilytics™ satisfies your increasing and evolving needs of continuous Snowflake Management and Optimization.
  • 4 Reports on chargeback costs fully automated: Nadilytics™ automatically builds monthly and quarterly "chargeback" reports for you in a cost-effective, secure and efficient way to be used by various business units.
  • 5 Transition with ease to Snowflake’s pay-per-use pricing model: Such model may be challenging to organizations used to legacy cost models. Nadilytics™ helps you make such a transition confidently.


If you'd like to see a live demo of Nadilytics™ and learn how it can help your organization effectively monitor your Snowflake data platform for cost, activity, performance and security; please schedule one!